Honoring History, Embracing Growth

In the early 1800’s, two brothers came across what is today the intersection of Route 5 & Route 77 and staked their claim. Several years later in 1813 during the Burning of Buffalo many families sought out refuge at the brothers settlement on their way East. Sadly in 1813, the tavern the brothers built burned to the ground and needed to be rebuilt. The Richardson’s decided to re-build using red clay from the fields – and the landmark “Brickhouse Corners” was born.

Over the years many people stopped at the crossroads making it a landmark for the area; one of them being the presidential candidate and naturalist, DeWitt Clinton who ran against James Madison in 1812. After loosing the election DeWitt concentrated on other projects and was a regular at “Brickhouse Corners”, staying there during his travels while working on the plans for the Erie Canal.

In 1963, the deteriorated brick building was demolished to make way for the new Jr./Sr. High School who bought the property in 1962.